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Newby Valentine

Newby Valentine

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Inspired by our favorite orchid enthusiast, this live double orchid plant would make for a wonderful gift this Valentine's Day. We repot our orchids in Terra Cotta pots with premium orchid bark to simulate their natural environment. To keep your orchid thriving and growing new blooms, water often in a well-drained, well-lit area. They love the morning sun!

Each Valentine's Day gift will be delivered on either Tuesday, February 13th, or Wednesday, February 14th.

Delivery is included in the price of the arrangement.

*Order by February 12th, to guarantee your order, after that date, orders will be based on availability.

NOTE FROM OUR DESIGNER – Each floral design is uniquely created for you. The flowers will be chosen based on the best color options available to use at the time.

Care Instructions

Our florals are curated to last. To ensure they stay vibrant, do not place them in direct sunlight and consider changing their water as needed so the florals stay hydrated.

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